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Getting Started with Organisations!

Welcome to Arranged Gaming! This page should give you sufficient details on getting your organisation set up and ready to go on our platform.

Let's start with the organisation structure within the platform.

The structure is very straight forward: One organisation has many sites. Each site can have many games.



These are the assigned people who have full control over the organisation, it's sites and games. By default, you can only have one organisation owner - if you absolutely need a secondary, please contact us directly.


The moderators have access to a subset of functions that can be used against Sites and Games. Moderators can not edit organisation details (e.g. payments details, waivers).


Waivers are configured at an Organisation level. This is to ensure that they can be shared across all sites, if required.

Important things to remember about the waiver feature is that if you update the content of a waiver, it will invalidate all existing signatories. You will be prompted about this in the application.

Payment Details

On the platform we use Stripe Connect accounts to manage payments. As part of the onboarding process, you will be able to configure your Stripe account to start receiving payments.

You will not be able to create any games until your Stripe account has been configured.


Creating Sites

When you create a site you will need to provide basic information such as name, description, contact details etc. You will also need to select a booking fee configuration.

Editing Sites

When editing a site, you will be able to change all core details of a site. In addition, you can also configure a banner image and game plans!

Site Products

You can define products at a Site level. More details on this can be found in the Products section.


Creating Games

You can create multiple games per site. You will be prompted for core details about the game and also what products are available. Here, you can also override the site booking fee configuration.

Editing Games

When editing a game, you will only be able to update a restricted set of properties. For example, once a game has been created you will no longer be able to change the number of available slots.

Associated Products

As discussed in the creating games section - you will be able to select what products are available for selection when a player attempts to book a game.

Game Plans

Game plans are created at a Site level. This means that they can be shared across multiple games, so you do not have to define one each time.

These Game Plans are great for providing additional context to a game. For example; detailed timings, game modes to expect etc.


Waivers are configured at an Organisation level. This means that only Organisation Owners can create and edit them.

As Waivers are defined at an Organisation level, they are available to all Games regardless of what site they are in.

Changing a Waiver's Details

If you change the details of a Waiver, it will invalidate all existing signatories. The players who have been invalidated will receive an email to sign the new waiver.

Swapping a Waiver on a Game

If you are going to swap which Waiver is assigned to a game, it will also invalidate all signatories of the the existing Waiver and prompt the players to sign the new one.


There are three types of product categories.

Entry Products

This category of products are where you should define your tickets. For example, an 'Evening Ticket'. You can define multiple entry products per site to cover every scenario.

Entry Extras

This category of products are for any entry products that aren't tickets. This would be for example 'Rental Equipment' etc.


This category of products is for anything else you would like to pre-sell on the platform. For example, extra BBs, gas etc.

Usage of Products

Products are created at a Site level.

When you create a game, you will need to select at least ONE entry product (ticket), and you will be free to select as many other products as you like.

Whichever products are selected as associated with the game, will be available to players who are attempting to book that game.

Ready to Get Started?

What's Next

If you are interested in signing up to the platform as an organisation, please get in touch via We will reply to you within 24 hours.

What can you do in the meantime?

While we reply - feel free to create an account on the site! The account you create will become the Organisation Owner account and linked to your new organisation.