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Although the platform is in it's early stages, we have built some fantastic solid features that will help with handling selling tickets, getting waivers signed and more.

✔ Site Listings

You are able to list your site on our platform for users to search.

✔ Game Listings

You are able to list as many games as you like per site.

✔ Products

You are able to create products on a per-site basis, and associate these products with games for your players to purchase!

✔ Game Plans

Create custom rich text game plans to associate with your games. The players will see this when viewing a game!

✔ Waivers

Create waivers at an organisation level that can be shared between games!

✔ Game Pass

Upon purchase of a ticket and any extras, you will be given a 'Game Pass' which will gain you entry to the game!

✔ Check-In's

As an organisation you can scan players Game Passes on arrival to check them in to the game.

🚧 and many more in development!